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Nicki Kennedy’s sparkling and engaging personality assured her a long and successful career as a soloist. She remained in demand throughout her career as a specialist in Baroque and Classical music, working with most of the major specialist orchestras of Europe, and appearing at festivals in Europe, Japan, USA and South America.

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Voice and Performance Coaching: Singing Teaching and Communications Coaching

‘Whether live or online, her sessions leave singers of all ages feeling enriched and motivated’ (Tim Johnson, Precentor and Director of Music, Eton College) ‘A superb vocal coach… singers sing much better than they thought they could when she is around!’ (Simon Toyne, President Music Teachers Association, Director Rodolfus Foundation Choral Courses)

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Ach Mein Jesus

St Mathew Passion by Meder
(Die Koelner Akademie)

Jam Non Procul ab Axe

Recit from Judita Triumphans
(Modo Antiquo)

Armate Face et Anguibus

Aria from Judita Triumphans
(Modo Antiquo)

Der Loder, der Tugend

Mattheson’s Der Liebreiche und geduldege David
(Die Koelner Akademie)

Matrona Inimica

from Judita Triumphans
(Modo Antiquo)

Dear Adonis

(The Brook Street Band)

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A Lot of Teaching and Back to Singing!

October 28th, 2022

Here’s a quick update… on what I’ve been up to. After quite a long absence from the concert platform, it’s been fun to get going again with concerts in Town

Nicki Kennedy Voiceworks: Online Communication.

October 16th, 2020

Communications have been challenging for a lot of companies and executives since we went online in March… and I am helping clients up their game with their online communication.  Helping

National Youth Choir 2020

October 16th, 2020

It has been an amazing year to be working with the National Youth Choir. Such a sad year, as we haven’t been able to come together, but some amazing positives!

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